A Novel Ethanol Gas Sensor-ZnS/Cyclohexylamine Hybrid Nanowires

作者: Lin Xu ,Hongwei Song ,Tong Zhang ,Huitao Fan ,Bo L
期刊: J.Nanosci.Nanotech.
卷号: 2011, 11(3), 2121-2125
接收日期: 2011-03-01 15:19:16
摘要 Abstract

We fabricated a novel ethanol gas sensor based on organic-inorganic ZnS/cyclohexylamine (CHA) nanowires via a solvothermal route. The sensor exhibited significantly better performance with response time of ∼0.6 s and recovery time of ∼10 s even under a low ethanol concentration and the high surface area, small nanofiber diameter, and hybrid nature made the ZnS/CHA nanowire gas sensor have high sensitivity to ethanol gas at a lower operating current of 160 mA. Moreover, the gas sensing mechanism was proposed on the basis of the two simultaneous steps to explain the adsorbing process due to the hybrid nature. This work indicates that the ZnS/CHA hybrid can be a novel candidate for the ethanol gas sensor with high performance.