An Excellent Humidity Sensor with Rapid Response Based on BaTiO3 Nanofiber via Electrospinning

作者: Yuan He ,Xiangwei Liu ,Rui Wang ,Tong Zhang ,
期刊: Sens. Lett.
卷号: 2011,9,262-265
接收日期: 2010-08-05 15:16:17
摘要 Abstract

BaTiO3 nanofiber has been synthesized by electrospinning and calcination technique. An impedance-type humidity sensor has been fabricated based on this BaTiO3 nanofiber. It was pleasantly surprised to find that the impedance-type humidity sensor based on BaTiO3 nanofiber exhibited a fast responserecovery property. The response and recovery time was 4 s and 3 s from 11% to 95% relative humidity, respectively. The complex impedance of the sensor varying more than 4 orders of magnitude in the wide humidity range show excellent sensitivity. These excellent sensing characteristic prove that BaTiO3 nanofiber can be well applied for humidity sensor. Finally, an ionic conduction model has been proposed to explain the sensing mechanism.