Synthesis and fast ethanol sensing properties of core-shell SnO2@ZnO composite nanospheres using carbon spheres as templates

作者: Rui Zhang ,Tingting Zhou ,Lili Wang ,Zheng Lou ,Ji
期刊: New J. Chem.
卷号: 2016, 40, 6796 - 6802
接收日期: 2016-06-01 18:23:41
摘要 Abstract


Core-shell SnO2@ZnO composite nanospheres were successfully prepared by using carbon spheres as sacrificial templates via a facile three-step procedure including a hydrothermal method. In contrast, pristine SnO2 nanospheres and ZnO nanoparticles were obtained through a similar method with different steps, respectively. The composition and structures of the as-synthesized samples were confirmed by a series of characterization procedures. The obtained composite materials exhibited the special core-in-hollow-shell structure at the nanometer level. And as potential sensing materials, the obtained core-shell SnO2@ZnO composite nanomaterials demonstrated better gas sensing properties to ethanol including higher response, better selectivity, faster response and favorable repeatability, which may be related to the special core-in-hollow-shell structure with a porous surface and the hetero-contact between two different metal oxide semiconductors.