Hybrid Co3O4/SnO2 Core-Shell Nanospheres as Real-Time Rapid Response Sensor for Ammonia Gas

作者: Lili Wang ,Zheng Lou ,Rui Zhang ,Tingting Zhou ,J
期刊: ACS Appl. Mat. Interfaces
卷号: 2016, 8 (10), 6539-6545
接收日期: 2016-02-27 18:21:49
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Novel hybrid Co3O4/SnO2 core?Cshell nanospheres have been effectively realized by a one-step hydrothermal, template-free preparation method. Our strategy involves a simple fabrication scheme that entails the coating of natural cross-link agents followed by electrostatic interaction between the positive charges of Sn and Co ions and the negative charge of glutamic acid. The core?Cshell architecture enables novel flexibility of gas sensor surfaces compared to commonly used bulk materials. The highly efficient charge transfer and unique structure are key to ensuring the availability of high response and rapid-response speed. It demonstrates how hybrid core?Cshell nanospheres can be used as an advance function material to fabricate electrical sensing devices that may be useful as gas sensors.